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“My boss is always concerned with recruiting numbers…from the number of interviews we hold to how many hires we can count each month. We’re a data driven organization, but how can I stress the importance to leadership that there is more to hiring, retention, and promotions than just numbers?”


This is a question I hear a lot. How do we get leaders to look beyond the numbers for ROI and look more at engagement as a stronger measurement for what we’re doing right and where we need to make improvements? Engagement is not just an HR issue. Engagement is an organizational necessity to ensure that customers, candidates, and employees remain your best brand ambassadors now and in the future.

The Numbers Game

When we’re driven by numbers, we become too focused on the bottom line.  This tends to limit our ability to see the factors that contribute to the data. I call it “data vision.” We’re so determined to meet quota that we place a greater emphasis on what the output is, rather than what got us there in the first place.

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