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From the rooftop to your desktop, HRNOW is here! Tune in to my first show! Excited to be hosting and sharing with you, solutions to those HR challenges that you face on a regular basis.

Performance management is often a difficult and frustrating process for organizations to administer, maintain and deliver.

Complaints vary across the board and HR professionals are often tasked with finding the right solution to these challenges:


1.Not enough time in the day to schedule regular employee feedback sessions

2.Writing lengthy annual reviews are met with displeasure and procrastination

3.Unsure how to keep track of discussions and how to document performance

4.Training- too much or not enough?


1.Rarely receive performance feedback

2.Annual reviews are late and employee is discouraged

3.Inadequate direction around goals and career objectives. Is it time to find a new job?

What can be done to improve the rate at which performance management is delivered and maintained and how can the right solution improve engagement and team dynamics….leading to an increase in creativity and innovation?

Tune in to HRNOW.

Engagiant CEO, Michael Heller joins us to talk about mobile performance management solutions.

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Have a question? Contact Michael directly at mheller@engagiant.com or via Tiwitter @Michael_Heller