Yesterday, I went grocery shopping for the first time in a month. I’ve been traveling so much, who needs food in their house for the ants to eat…(speaking of ants…I had a horrible ant problem in my kitchen BEFORE I left and when I came back, they were gone! WOW!) Anyway, I digress….

So, while I was shopping for sustenance, I observed the cutest thing EVER. And I want you to do it next time you’re in the store. Walk over to the vegetables…and watch how the water sprays down from the top of the section, to make sure the veggies stay fresh and look good. I’m betting that you secretly wish the one time you’re grabbing for a bag of carrots, the water will come on and you’ll get sprayed…but it rarely happens, right? Well, while I was passing through this area, a little boy was sticking his head and arms and heck, his whole body (as much as he could stretch) over the healthy stuff to get a spray of water on his neck. (some stores play soothing music when the water starts spraying…so you know, it can feel very spa-like if you take advantage and let your mind go….)  I was in awe of this little boy and his curiousity…and it made me smile.

I say next time you’re in this situation, do it. Be the little boy and enjoy the little fun stuff that occurs every day…that we choose to ignore and silently tell ourselves that it’s silly. Stop letting others tell you what should be normal or crazy. Do what feels right…to you! If you want to stop and feel the veggie spray…do it. Who cares what other people think (actually, they’re just jealous). If you want to ride on the grocery cart like it’s a skateboard…do it.

It takes guts to be ourselves sometimes. Regardless if it’s a work, family, or grocery shopping experience…Be YOU. You’ll have more fun and more enlightening moments that spark a smile across your face if you just go with it.

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