Manic Monday…. From the Blog Archives…Stop Using Your Business Cards to Pick Up Dates…

The CorporateHRGirl


A business card is a fabulous thing. You’ve got your name, number, email, and company name written all over it.  It tells someone who you are, where you work, and what you do.  It may be glossy, colorful, or even have raised lettering.  It’s a necessary part of doing business.

Do you remember getting your first stack of cards?  I’m sure you were super excited and couldn’t wait to hand them out to everyone you met, even if they had no reason to call you. It’s just cool to have one with your name on it! But, I’m betting that your first thought was not “I’m gonna pass these out to all the hotties in the club tonight!”

I don’t usually do the club scene thing, but I love to dance and it just so happens I took a salsa class before heading out to try my new moves.  My…

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