You’re busy. I know that. Your life, your job, your family. We make lists, we try to stay organized, and we check boxes. You are so busy in fact, that you find there’s little time to actually talk, collaborate and have conversations with people “in real life.”  

At work, we ask for investments for new technology to make our jobs easier….we want less transaction and more strategic. We try to eliminate the unnecessary and increase our ability to partner with the business.

At the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) national conference, you have the ability to the visit the exposition hall and explore new technologies, new options for organizing your HR department, employee awards and motivation programs, and many more vendors excited to meet with you to help find solutions to your every day work place issues. The Hall is amazing and impressive and OMG, fantastic swag. I’m looking forward to roaming the Hall in just a few minutes….

But my question to you is this…are there vendors who can help you build and strengthen your employee and customer relationships? That’s my goal at this conference…to determine the best in show…which vendors can provide you with the tools you need to not only check the boxes and keep things moving, but tools to help engage, build, and motivate teams.  

Relationships are key in everything we do.  I’m learning that many of us are so focused on technology that we lack the ability to create and sustain relationships that recruit, motivate, and retain our talent. Our employee population suffers which has a direct effect on our customers and therefore, our brand. 

Stay tuned for some of my favorite #SHRM13 vendors that have the ability to help you move beyond checking boxes.