I’m guessing your Human Resources department is in need of an overhaul.  Too much paper floating around?  Drowning in tax and emergency forms?  Misplaced performance improvement plans? Where’s the background check on Sally?  When does Joe start?

If this sounds like your company, it’s time to make a change with an easy to use, plug-in-play system that works the way you want it to work.  It fits YOU.  “HR Cloud software solutions transforms your HR processes into a ‘social enchantment engine’ for optimizing onboarding, performance assessment, training, documentation and every other aspect of your HR process.”

HR Cloud provides end-to-end solutions using one platform that you configure to meet your company’s needs.  It’s not a clunky program that takes 50 clicks to find what you’re looking for.  No need to buy special equipment or separate systems to work with it.  HR Cloud eliminates the mess you lovingly refer to as “the file room.”  You can use it, your employees can use it, heck even your CFO can use it.  It’s sleek, sexy and best of all, user friendly.  People will WANT to use it.

I had the chance to meet with the amazing HR Cloud team (and yes, they really are great!).  They walked me through the platform and various applications you can choose from to make your life easier.  My favorites?  Perform and Onboard.

Perform – the only full-featured employee performance management product in the marketplace that is packed with uniquely-flexible functionality. Perform enables your company to maximize productivity, motivate and retain talent, measure competencies and goals, develop succession plans, and automate the entire employee appraisal process.

Missing a signature on that appraisal form?  Goals not consistent with future job trajectory? Discussions not documented?  With Perform, the process is streamlined.  It’s all in one location and easy to navigate.  It works for you.  Everything you need is at your fingertips. Instead of hunting down the manager that forgot to sign off on the annual appraisal…simply push a button and it’s sent directly to the reviewer on file for approval.  Ta-da!  No more time wasted in process.

Onboard – You’ll help new hires become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paperwork processes and training. Onboard helps your company reduce cycle time from days to minutes, saving time and effort while enhancing company culture by providing a better experience for new employees.

I remember my experience working for a Fortune 500 company that was a leader in the media industry and yet we lacked a paperless HR system.  We created jobs just to handle the paperwork!  Our HR processes were outdated, time consuming, hard to use, and soured on first impression with new employees.  If you want to rock the onboarding process and keep your new talent smiling, the Onboard application is a must.  You’ll keep track of I-9 and W4 forms online, complete with valid signatures.  No more paper forms.  Orientation will be a breeze!  New hires will have completed all paperwork before their start date.  YAY!  That’s more time spent networking and learning about your business, rather than trudging through forms (where’s that pen again?).

You need the team at HR Cloud.  Talk to them. Tell them your story.  They’ll help you configure the software exactly the way you want it. You pay for what you need.  You make changes and additions as needed.  This is real-time information with the click of a mouse or a swipe on your smart phone.  You call the shots- how, when, and where you need it.

Free yourself from process.  Elevate your HR department…into the clouds.

Product information can be found at: HR Cloud– Engage. Empower. Enchant.