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Today is the last day of school for my boys and they are super happy!  They are celebrating their year-long accomplishments by partying up at the neighborhood pool with 100+ of their closest school chums.  It seems like such a simple thing to do- celebrate the end of a school year, yet, we are here to make sure this milestone is well marked. (No swimsuit for me…the sun has gone down and it’s too chilly!)

While I sit here contemplating the simple joys of elementary and middle school, I wonder how often do we celebrate our own successes?  Our success as a colleague, a friend, a parent, an employee?  All of us accomplish so much before the clock even strikes 9am.  I think adults have a tendency to down-play our accomplishments and pass up the opportunity for enjoying success and simple rewards, just so we can check off that next box on the list.

Stop checking boxes and enjoy yourselves. Recognize that we all deserve a break and the time to reflect on a job well done.  You deserve the reward, more than just once in a while.  Put the iPhone down.  Wear your flip flops.  Go shoot dart guns with your kids. Grab an ice cream cone.  My favorite? A swing in the park or a walk behind the National Cathedral under the moonlight.

Time is passing by more quickly than we realize. You don’t need a swimsuit to have fun.  Get out there. You deserve it.