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Just a thought…do you carry a lot of keys with you? I used to have a key to this, a key to that, and even a few keys that went to nothing (at least that I knew of). I guess I’ll also add the random suitcase key that TSA doesn’t allow us to use anymore.

No one ever wants to throw away keys. What if we find something squirreled away in our attic that needs that darn key! We will forever be lost (even though the locked item was buried in dust for years!)

Keys unlock things. Keys lock things up. Keys can keep things safe. Keys can symbolize power. Keys can drive you crazy because they weigh a ton (a ring of 20 keys is heavy!) and people hear you coming from a mile away.

In my life, keys meant that I had one more thing to keep track of…and enslave my time, productivity, and just the inability to let go of something and move forward. My thought is this: How many “keys” do you carry around in your life? I just rid myself of a key today. And even though it was one key…a real-life key…it symbolized so much more to me. So much heaviness. Today, it is gone. And I’m that much lighter.